• Andouille sausage red bean rice dish served with cornbread and white wine
  • Overhead view of fried shrimp Po' boy plate with glass of beer and cornbread
  • Fried catfish Po' boy with fries, served with a glass of beer and red bean and rice side

Bud & Rob's
New Orleans Bistro

A Note from Bud

Since 1979, my passion for food and dining in my hometown of New Orleans has evolved into my mission in life. Over the years I have been the founding owner/chef of 12+ restaurants in 5 different cities.

All of the restaurants have been committed to serving authentic New Orleans style Creole and Cajun Cuisine. I am always so delighted and fulfilled when I open a new place and a large clientele develops who appreciate all things 'In The New Orleans Manner'. What inspires me to continue my craft is knowing that I am not only feeding the souls of customers who already enjoy my style of food, but I am also introducing those from other areas to the authentic foods of my heritage. Not only have I been fortunate to be a part of so many successful restaurants, but I have sold each restaurant to one of my employees; not only were they given the opportunity to be chefs and entrepreneurs, but they also continued my mission of serving authentic Creole and Cajun cuisine in the New Orleans Manner.